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MaxiCourses® provide the 300+ hours of CE hours necessary to fulfill the CE requirement of the Associate Fellow Member process of the AAID. But the reason so many dentists have taken the MaxiCourses® worldwide is that the courses position the participants to become proficient in all aspects of implant dentistry.

The American Academy of Implant Dentistry is the oldest implant organization in the world. Its mission is to advance the science of implant dentistry through education and research for the benefit of mankind. To further the cause of education, the AAID created the Maxicourse® which is a rigorous 300 hour curriculum covering the entire spectrum ranging from basic science to advanced implant concepts. The course is divided into five modules with each module spread over six days. Every module has hands on exercises and or live demonstrations and surgical participation. A detailed curriculum is listed under the course curriculum tab. The course was developed keeping in mind the needs of the learner.

The curriculum is case and evidence based. The faculty who teach at the course are pioneers and educators. They are experts in the subject matter that they have been chosen to cover. They are eager to share their wealth of information and have offered to mentor the participants and are available to help with their cases. The impressive list of alumni who are listed stand testimony to the quality of the education and the unbiased approach to learning. Many of our participants have become leaders and heads of departments. Several deans have graduated from our program and have implemented departments of implant dentistry in their institutions. Our participants have hailed even from the U.S. and U.K.

Why Egypt MaxiCourse ?

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• 300 hours of comprehensive lectures including live surgeries, demonstrations and hands-on sessions
• Five six-day sessions that include weekends
• Over 8-10 Speakers from amongst the most distinguished names in Implantology
• Learn from the cumulative experience of your class which places and restores over 200 implants through the MaxiCourse®
• Certificate of Completion is awarded by the AAID
• Non-commercial course covering the spectrum of implant types and systems
• In depth review of surgical and prosthetic protocols
• Guidance to select an implant system that would work in your practice
• Excellent review of fundamental sciences and treatment planning
• Practice management module that provides ideas to market your implant practice Live hands on training to treat your patients
• Hands on placement of a minimum of 10 implants with CBCT planning comprehensive diagnostic and step by step instruction

Course Overview Didactics & Course Schedule

Duration : 5 Sessions of 6 days each totaling 30 days over a period of 1 year
Calendar : Please see schedule at each venue
Inclusions : Victuals, Course Manual & CD ROMs, Membership in the AAID for one year.
Subscription to the Journal of Oral Implantology for one year.

Clinical Session
Clinical Sessions will follow didactic sessions in all modules and will be guided by AAID Egypt Maxicourse® faculty

Course Schedule
Module I - Diagnosis, Treatment Planning, Fundamentals,Case Presentation, Clinical Session 1
Module II – Biology, Imaging and Advanced Planning, Clinical Session 2, Placement of Implants
Module III – Advanced Surgical Implantology, Clinical Session 3, Stage II Techniques
Module IV - Advanced Implant Prosthodontics Occlusion and Full Mouth, Stage II Prosthetic Sessions, Clinical Session 4
Module V – Advanced Implant Considerations, Management of Complications, Clinical Session V, Graduation

Course Fees

Information on course fees and associated costs.

The Maxicourse fees vary depending on the venue and local currency. All Tuition except for local fees are in USD.

The following are the course fees for Egypt Maxicourse.
Exam Fees: After completion of the Maxicourse there is an additional fee of $1.050,00 payable to AAID for those participants who wish to take the Part I of the AAID Associate Fellowship Examination online through Pearson Vue Testing Centers. Upon completion of the written exam, candidates will be awarded the membership category of “Affiliate Associate Fellow”.

Egypt Maxicourse Course Fee:

Early Bird till the 1st of April:

- For non-Egyptians 11000$ in four installments.
- For Egyptians 10000$ in four installments.
After 5th of April,the fees will be 12500$ for Egyptians and non-Egyptians

Cancellation Policy

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If you are unable to attend the MaxiCourse® after you have registered, you must notify us in writing no later than 30 days prior to the start date to receive a refund. Registration fee of 1000$ will be deducted in case of refund. No refunds for program fees will be made after this date.

• The required fees are to be paid prior to the commencement of the module. You will be unable to participate in the MaxiCourse with dues pending.
• If you miss a session you can make it up in the subsequent year.

Faculty AAID MaxiCourse

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Dr.Robert J. Miller

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Dr.Stuart Orton-Jones

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Dr.Bart Silverman

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Dr.Adam Foleck

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Hisham Barakat

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Mathew Thomas Kattadiyil

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Esthetica Hospital

14 Nakheel St. Mohandessin Giza,Egypt.

Esthetica Hospital is one of the renowned Hospitals in Egypt known for its specialization in Oral Maxllofacial Surgery, Plastic Surgery, and Specialized Dentistry. It is state of art and it is located in one of the most Prestigious areas in Giza, Greater Cairo, Egypt.

FAQ - MaxiCourse®

The Associate Fellow and Fellow examinations are for credentialed membership in the AAID, not for licensure to practice dentistry in the United States. These prestigious memberships indicate that the dentists voluntarily participated in and passed an examination by their peers during which their knowledge of and proficiency in surgical and prosthetic dental implant treatment were evaluated
To maintain Associate Fellow membership in the AAID, the dentist must pay annual dues. The current annual dues for Associate Fellow and Fellow members are 600 USD, the rate that has been in effect since 1996.
The application fee for the Associate Fellow examination, which has two parts, is 950 USD. The application fee includes both parts of the examination. Part 1, which is a written examination, may be taken in either a print or computer-based format. The computer-based format is given at Pearson Vue Testing Centers, which are located throughout the world. Both formats are available in the United States and only the computer-based format is available in other countries. After passing Part 1, candidates may apply to take Part 2, which includes an oral examination and the defense of three cases as specified in the Requirements for the Associate Fellow Membership Examination. Part 2 is given in the United States only. Every other year it is given in an International location. Both parts of the examination must be completed successfully within four years after passing the written examination.
Part 2 (oral/case) of the examination is given in Chicago, Illinois, USA once a year, usually in late April or early May. The application deadline each year is February 1.
No. The Course only fulfills educational requirements for the AAID Associate Fellowship. These credentials can be gained only by success in the examinations that have to be passed after completing educational requirements.
An Associate Fellowship is gained after success in the examination following completion of educational requirements stipulating 300 hours of implant dentistry education. In addition, the participant has to fulfill requirements for an oral examination and a case presentation of three cases - a single tooth replacement, a restoration of an edentulous segment of two or more teeth with implants and a completely edentulous case restored with implants. The AAID Fellowship requires additional criteria to be fulfilled including success with another examination, case presentations of several cases and additional educational stipulations. Details are available on the AAID website at
No. A participant may take the MaxiCourse® sheerly to broaden his education in the field of implantology. The Associate Fellowship examination is a must only for those who wish to pursue this credential. Also, one can also take the Associate Fellowship examination at some other point in the future as the educational requirements continue to be fulfilled, unless of course the AAID redefines criteria.
The Course Director along with the AAID, will help every candidate to pursue fulfillment of the requirements for visa grant in an individual case and help the participant as far as possible. Nevertheless, it is the candidate's responsibility to satisfy requirements of the United States Government in this regard.
Yes. In several parts of the world the Associate Fellowship or Fellowship of the AAID is an acknowledged credential that represents quality training in implantology and skill in the art and science of implant dentistry. In Abu Dhabi the Maxicourse is recognized by the Health Authorities-Abu Dhabi (HAAD) and a unique ID # has been assigned for credits.
The members of the AAID Admissions and Credentials Board, which is appointed by the AAID Board of Trustees, conduct the oral/case examination.
Yes. The faculty are experts in implant dentistry and/or are credentialed by American Academy of Implant Dentistry/ recognized teaching faculty of reputed dental schools.
The Course coordinator will help the participant in guiding about the available accommodation near the venue for the course. Nevertheless, it is the candidate's financial responsibility to book their accommodation. For further guidance please contact the course coordinator of your venue.

FAQ - Clinical sessions

The course is not system oriented. As such several systems will be taught during the course. Generally, the participants will be allowed the opportunity to use a variety of implant systems available in Egypt and Middle East during the clinical sessions. Participants will be provided with the implant kit. In addition, equipment such as physiodispensers and surgical kits will also be provided.
The clinical sessions will begin soon after the completion of the modules teaching the surgical curriculum. This will ensure that the participants understand surgical principles prior to their first experience with implant placement.
The Clinical Demonstrations will be held at state of the art Hospital – Esthetica Hospital, Giza, Cairo Egypt. which are suitably equipped with projection and multimedia facilities for the same. Clinical Demonstrations are not be confused with Clinical Sessions. Clinical demonstrations will be performed by Course Faculty and will include implants of different types. Patients for the clinical demonstrations will be selected carefully and will reflect mainstream implant cases.
The MaxiCourse® is an Educational Requirement for the Associate Fellowship of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and is not to be understood as a Diploma or Degree Course. The Curriculum is an elaborate scientific spread that covers various aspects of the science and art of implant dentistry and is aimed at providing clinical acumen and proficiency for its participants.
The curriculum content of the MaxiCourse® is not system based but a minimum of 4 accepted and available root form systems as well as other modalities of implant therapy includes root form as well as other modalities of implant therapy.
There would be a total of 10 participants who will simultaneously operate and an equal number who will assist. The team will then switch where the assistant will do the surgery.
The MaxiCourse® is a 300 hour educational curriculum that fulfills educational requirements for the Associate Fellowship of the AAID. Missing a module or session results in a loss of credit hours that fulfill this requirement. In exceptional cases, such absence and the extent of loss will be evaluated by the Course Director at his discretion. Attending participants may go to other venues in Asia to fulfill the requirements or may come to future Maxicourse for making up the lost credit hours.
The MaxiCourse® is a 300 hour educational curriculum that fulfils educational requirements for the Associate Fellowship of the AAID. Missing a module or session results in a loss of credit hours that fulfill this requirement. In exceptional cases, such absence and the extent of loss will be evaluated by the Course Director at his discretion. Attending participants may go to other venues in Asia to fulfill the requirements or may come to future maxicourse for making up the lost credit hours.
The course is tailored for those starting out on Implantology as much as it will cater to the thirst of the most discerning learner. MaxiCourse® attendees are constituted by both, mature Implantologists as well as beginners. By the second module, standardization of the teaching format will ensure a live knowledge of Implantology for everyone.
Yes. A course completion certificate as described above will be awarded to you. This certificate will specify that you have undergone will specify that you have undergone 300 Credit Hours of didactic training in oral Implantology. This certificate is recognized as fulfilling the quality training criteria, even if you do not choose to pursue the Associate Fellowship of Fellowship Examinations. However completion of a library dissertation on a given topic is one of the requirements for course completion. The topic will be given during the second module and the participants will have ample time to submit their assignment before the conclusion of the course.


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